The Only Step-By-Step Guide to Canadian Student Visa You Need

If you have followed our blogs all along, you have a top test score, targetted a list of dream schools, submitted your applications, and made it into one of your dream destinations. The next step is getting the much-talked-about the visa! In this mini-series, we’ll cover all the popular study abroad destinations. Why don’t we begin with Canada, the land of opportunities?

How To Apply?

Canadian Study Permit can be obtained through an online application at the Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) website. For online application, you will need a credit/debit card with the ability to do international transactions. Electronic copies of your documents are required as well.

Considering the high number of student visa applications from China, India, the Philippines,  and Vietnam, the CIC has recently opened a new channel of application, called the Student Direct Stream. Through this channel, you can get your study permit faster. The process remains the same as an online application, but only candidates with IELTS scores upward of overall band 6 are allowed to apply through this channel. This is the most preferred channel of application, so apply through it first, if possible.

Paper-based applications are also accepted at local visa application center (VAC) or the Canadian embassy or consulate in your home country. Note that paper-based applications are slower than both the above options and also require physical visits to your local visa office. Explore this option only as the last resort.

What Are the Steps Involved?

  1. Get a standardized letter of acceptance from a recognized higher education institute. An acceptance over email or an electronic copy of the letter is accepted too.
  2. Create an account on the CIC website and apply for a Canadian student visa application package. You will be required to provide information about your profile and intended study program. This information will help CIC determine if you are eligible for an online application and what documents you will need to furnish. Don’t worry – for most programs, online applications are accepted.
  3. Upon confirmation of your eligibility, you will receive a personalized checklist of documents to be submitted in the next 60 days. The list of documents required in most cases is given below. Since the documents are common in all cases, do not wait for your personalized list to appear in the application. As soon as you get your admission, arrange all documents before even beginning with the visa application. This will save you much time and stress. Also, do not wait for 60 days. The earlier you submit the documents, the earlier your application will be approved
  4. After you upload the documents online, you can proceed with the payment and submit the completed application.
  5. In most cases, there are no interviews. However, if the CIC seeks one, you will have to appear for the same at your local visa office. Some applicants are also asked to appear for medical tests or police checks, but they are routine in nature.

What Documents Are Required?

  1. Proof of acceptance – Acceptance letter from your university
  2. Proof of identity – Passport and photos
  3. Proof of financial support showing minimum funds. Generally, CA$10,000 are deemed necessary for living costs for a year. Add this to your annual tuition fees and you will have the total amount required to be shown per year. The following documents can account for your proof of funds.
    1. Statements  from bank accounts in Canada or India
    2. Proof of scholarship from your university
    3. Letter from a donor providing you with financial assistance
  4. Letter of Explanation to explain any part of your application, if needed

When Do I Receive My Visa?

Once your study permit is approved, you will receive a document called the Port of Entry (POE) Letter of Introduction. This document is linked to your passport and you need to carry all the documents – letter of acceptance, passport, proof of funds, and POE letter – at the time of your first entry in Canada. Upon a quick review, you will receive your much-earned Canadian study permit!

Well, there you go with your Canadian visa! We have covered the core process, but minor aspects are subject to change; so make sure you read the CIC website for details before you apply. If you need assistance, we are just a comment away. Do feel free to share the article with your friends chasing their Canadian dreams.

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