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How does your unique approach help me?

Our focus is to empower you to make decisions. And we commit to provide you all the relevant information to help you choose what you want and decide how to move forward. You would have complete control over the application process and your essays / SOPs. We will assist you on how to present your story in the right manner to universities abroad. This structure gives you an edge over other candidates because you will always be well prepared for interviews, the visa process, and any unforeseen situation (such as getting wait-listed for your dream university).

How much will it cost me?

The cost would vary based on the course we decide together to pursue; the number of universities you would want to apply to and whether you need support for the Visa process. For MS applicants, the package starts from Rs. 14,900. While for MBA applicants, we have packages starting at Rs. 22,900. The resume service starts at Rs. 1,100. The exact cost can only be determined after we sit together for a detailed discussion on your particular requirements. We also give you the flexibility to upgrade the package at any time.

Why do you charge so less compared to some of your competitors?

At Beyond Consultant, we save on expenses for office space, employee salaries, etc. and believe in passing on the savings to aspiring students / professionals.

Which is the right university for me?

With an ocean of options of countries, universities, courses, and concentrations, I would not be surprised if you face the problem of plenty. However, if you think that few universities can be selected just based on some static data, think again. Here are some of the links of rankings which are used by MS / MBA aspirants:





Can you see that the static data is not much useful and relevant for shortlisting universities? At Beyond Consultant, we do research specific to your unique needs. And hence, I urge you to engage with me in person or over the phone to discuss yourself even before you appear for any of the competitive examinations.

Why should I join you?

If you have below questions in mind, then you definitely need to join us:

  • Are you looking for help to select universities for Masters just by looking at some static data and clicking a few checkboxes?
  • Are you in search of somebody who would fill your application forms on your behalf?
  • Are you planning to ask somebody to write your SOPs / essays for you?

Then Beyond Consultant may not be the right place for you. However,

If you want help in short-listing universities and courses after a thorough evaluation of your background and career goals;

If you want help on some of the dubious questions in the application forms;

If you want help to make your SOPs / essays to convey your story to the admissions office,

Do contact us!

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