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Expert Advice Consulting Service

Beyond Consultant is a premier education and career consultation provider that helps students and professionals plan their dream career road-map and grab opportunities. We work with you to align you with the universities and programs best suited to your profile. A place, where you can excel and grow your skills which would, in turn, enable you to boost your career.

We do not fill out your applications on your behalf. Neither do we write the evaluation essays for you. We will guide you, help you all the way, and provide the resources with which you would be able to present yourself with confidence. We will provide the necessary statistics after analyzing your profile, background, career goals, and skills. We offer personalized services and provide adequate consultation time for each of you in order to get to know you better.

Whether it is planning your next big move in your career or finding the right university abroad to enhance your knowledge and skills, Beyond Consultants is your one-stop destination for the best career advice. We have years of experience in dealing with the most challenging applications and our track record proves our capabilities in helping individuals find the best opportunities. After all, this is the next big step that could change your life.

Individual-Focused Advice


We focus on your career goals and give you the best advice to help you take your career and education to the next level. Our services are unbiased, reliable, and created to help you take your next big step. Your success is our priority.

Personalized Consulting


It’s all about the personalized experience. Yes! we offer one-on-one consultation to carefully analyze your past experience, long-term goals, and unique aptitude. Our aim is to provide clarity on your chosen path, help you decide perfect success strategy, assist you in making better choices, and lay the foundation for another success story!

Impeccable Track Record


We always strive to deliver the best and provide apt consultations to individuals. We are confident that you will get the best return on your investment (ROI).

Guidance From Industry Expert


Together, we bring around 50+ years of industry experience to you. Our team consists of experienced leaders who have worked in diverse industries and countries. We understand the specific needs of different career profiles. Hence, we provide the appropriate guidance to help you excel in your dream career. Feel free to get in touch with us to know more about us.

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