Resume Practice Grind – 4 Examples To Get Going

In the last post, we went over the essentials of building the perfect resume. As valuable as that is, you can still benefit a lot from real-world examples. We know this and you are covered! This article will take you through a few cases that you can directly apply to in your own resume.

Example 1: The Format And Font

Always start your resume with the help of an appropriate template. But be careful to reword all parts of it. Don’t customize too much of the design, because you may end up reducing its aesthetic appeal. Also use a professional-looking font, with the correct font size. Ensure that the font is neither too big nor too small to read.

Let’s compare the following two resumes and you will note the difference.

Example 2: Generic Content

Generic content, often copied from other resumes, hurts your case more than it helps. This is most often true in the Career Summary/Objective sections at the top of the resume.

Let’s consider one case as follows:

Career Objective

To secure a position where my hard work, dedication and the ability to acquire new skills will be an advantage for the company.

The above line is applicable to any candidate! Why should it be valued on your resume? Rather, write something that is specific to your case. We can reword it as follows.

Career Objective

To secure a position at <The Company> where I can enhance my skills in <your industry/skill set> and work as a team player in a positive atmosphere.

Bonus Tip: You will note that you will have to change <The Company> for every new application. Believe us, this will be noted by the recruiter and he is likely to be impressed because you put in extra time and work in customizing the resume.

Example 3: Power Words

Certain strong words have a positive effect on your resume. Use them whenever applicable, but don’t go overboard. Always use active voice instead of passive voice. And yes, quantify whenever you can.

Let’s see what this entails with examples.


  • Responsible for inventory control and ordering products
  • Helped the company sell more products and gain revenue


  • Optimized inventory by monitoring for product shortages and ensuring efficient service usage; increased ‘out of stock’ event occurrences by 7%
  • Increased profit margin by 3% by implementing effective sales plans and developing strategies to enhance client relations

Do you see the difference? Using power words is a skill that needs to be acquired over a period of time, so keep chiseling your resume frequently.

Example 4: Consistency

A frequent mistake is not maintaining a consistent format while writing bullet points. If you decide to start with a verb, make sure all your bullets follow the rule. If you are putting a period at the end of a bullet point, make sure no bullet point is left without one. These may seem to be too finicky, but recruiters can perceive such mistakes as carelessness or lack of attention to detail. So make sure you follow a consistent approach.

Let’s see how we can correct the following subtly-incorrect resume section.


Extra- Curricular Activities

  • Student Member, Institute of Chemical Engineers, Students’ Chapter
  • Was cultural organizer of catalysis 2011, a festival conducted by the University College of Technology.


Extra- Curricular Activities

  • Student Member, Institute of Chemical Engineers, Students’ Chapter
  • Cultural Organizer  of Catalysis 2011, a festival conducted by the University College of Technology

Note how the consistencies in periods, language, and capitalization of terms are maintained.

There is a lot more to be covered, but we will get there gradually. For now, review your resume to ensure all of the above is taken care of. We will soon be back with another resume grind!
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