How to prepare for admissions to top colleges or universities abroad?

How to prepare for admissions to top colleges or universities abroad?

For those who are pursuing their bachelors currently, if you have decided to get your masters abroad, it is good to have clear goals and plan ahead. There are a few things that you can do even before you complete your under graduation. These things will help to make your profile strong:

  • Think about your future goals. Accordingly, decide which program you want to pursue and which concentration you would want to opt for. Start taking relevant certifications now. For example, an Accounting MBA candidate could opt for CPA or ACCA; for an Operations a Lean / Six Sigma certification could be more relevant.
  • Do your own research to list down a few schools where you would like to apply and start your research on these schools. (There is a very high possibility that there would be a lot of changes in this list but the idea is to help you understand what skills are expected from the prospective students and build upon those.)
  • Research about the requirements to your specific program / major by talking to current students and alumni in your network. (I would also suggest you go out of comfort and talk to people outside your network but do it just little before you start to apply.) See which area your profile lacks. Build up on that.
  • Engage yourself in community service initiatives more often both through your college / university and also after you start working.
  • Try getting work experience during your holidays that will help you to show how proactive you were in your early years. Also, it helps you to learn to work in a team, manage deadlines, take responsibility, improve communication skills. Additionally, it will portray you as an experienced person when you start looking for jobs after your undergrad. This may help you to climb the ladder faster and you can have managerial positions early on. This will look great on your profile.
  • Last but not the least, look at the tuition costs and living expenses for the list of colleges you have selected. With the help of your parents, start thinking about how you will finance your education.
By this time you would have realized that making a good decision is of the highest importance and you must also be thinking that this is a lot of work. If you want help or need advice even before you start your application process, please reach out to us.

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