Can I study abroad with a specific GPA / percentage / GRE / GMAT score?

Can I study abroad with a specific GPA / percentage / GRE / GMAT score?

We have been answering a lot of “Will I get an admit for the masters degree to a specific country / university / program / concentration with a specific GPA / percentage / GRE / GMAT score?” questions these days. And it is an obvious question as most of the Indian education system relies on marks or percentages, and at times fails to look at an individual’s profile holistically.
On the other hand, Universities abroad don’t rely on marks or test scores alone. In fact, most of the universities do not have a minimum CGPA requirement. Of course, many of them do have a minimum test score requirement considering some specific skills are needed for some of the programs.
However, the admission committee also looks at whether you have: 
  • Quality work experience
  • Any certifications in the area of your interest
  • Worked in teams before (as there would be a lot of team assignments)
  • Published papers (for MS)
  • Managerial / leadership experience (for MBA)
  • Volunteered for a social cause
  • Any passions or at least hobbies
  • A personality which is compatible with the university / college culture
  • Requisite interpersonal and communication skills to be successful during your masters (We have been in interviewing committees and have seen committee putting emphasis on emotional fitness as a key criterion)
Hence, we suggest you to first list down the universities you want to attend for the masters degree and then check the website of each of the university to find out which one would accept your GRE / GMAT / GPA score for the master program you want to take up. However, do not despair, if your scores are not as per the minimum requirement by your dream university / college. Reach out to the adcom for the master program and tell them about your strengths. Also, mention what made the scores go down and see how they respond. We get a positive response at least 70% of the times! 
Remember, Madam Currie was rejected for membership by the French Academy of Sciences but that did not stop her being the only person to win a Nobel Prize in two different sciences (Physics and Chemistry).
So go for it!
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