12 Ways To Earn and Save As An International Student

12 Ways To Earn and Save As An International Student

Studying abroad is a rewarding experience, but you must be asking yourself: how do I pay for it all? We have covered scholarships and loans, but let’s also see what you can do on a daily basis to relieve some financial stress.
Simply put, the mantra to a well-managed financial plan is to keep track of your regular transactions – how much did you save this week/month and how much did you earn. To help you with both these tasks, the following tips can prove to be helpful.

Ways to Earn As An International Student

Become A Teaching Assistant/Research Assistant

The most lucrative on-campus jobs are Teaching or Research Assistants. You get to work with professors, the work is intellectual and in-line with your studies, and you get paid well from the university. If your academic performance qualifies, you must chase this option first.

Part-time Internships

This is the second-best option to earn while studying. Not only does this help with your expenses, but it may also lead you to a full-time job offer after graduation. 

Find On-campus/Local Part-time Jobs

If you do not get any of the above, your best bet is to undertake a local part-time job. Working at cafes, gas stations, and local grocery shops are very common. It is not likely to be related to your studies, but you will find several opportunities that pay at a decent rate.

Get Into Online Work/Freelancing/E-commerce

Online work may involve freelancing or running your own e-commerce venture. If executed well, it can even take the shape of an entrepreneurial venture for you to pursue, or even a side-hustle for you to earn even after graduation.

Tutor Other students/Online Tutoring

As a university student, you have a lot of academic expertise that is of value to others. As a graduate student, you may want to tutor undergraduates in your field of study. Or you may even take up online tutoring to teach kids all around the globe. Tutoring is easy to get started with and build into your own schedule.

Do Some Babysitting/Dog-walking

This is an option that is easily available, if your university is located in a city. People generally need help with physical jobs such as babysitting or dog-walking. If you love babies or pets, this is right up your alley. The hourly pay for such jobs tends to be higher than the minimum wage.

Sell Unnecessary Belongings

Universities are a student-to-student marketplace for everyday goods – books, furniture, utensils, you name it. As a student, you always want to stay lean. So getting rid of that guitar that you didn’t play for two years, or selling old, hefty books from last year will help you with a few bucks here and there.

Ways to Save As An International Student

Buy Used Things

Similar to selling unnecessary goods, you can also buy the necessary ones! If the goods are in a usable state, you may be able to get them for less than half the price of a new item. You may also be able to get an entire well-set household from a graduating student! 

Hunt For Deals

For other things that you buy new, you may want to do some research before impulse-buying. Which local shop has the best price? How about online retailers? Can you get a discount as a new customer? Are there any student discounts? You may also want to wait for some holidays/festivals around which online retailers are known to offer steep discounts.

Share Accommodation

Most students do not prefer living on their own as it could be expensive and make you lose out on fun things with your roommates. Sharing accommodation also comes with additional benefits – sharing household work and group studies! Also, note that off-campus accommodations are generally less expensive than on-campus accommodations.

Cook At Home

If you cook at home most of the week, you can save up to 80% of your food expenses. Sure, it takes a bit of time and effort to do so, but the savings are more than enough to justify.

Use Public Transport/A Bicycle

Most universities have a good public transport system in and around the campus. Since you will be spending most of your time on campus, it makes little sense to own/rent a car. Bicycle is also a cheap and healthy alternative.

Keep Looking!

These and more such options are always available to you to earn and save. All you have to do is look for them!

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